Chris Taylor Web Design understand marketing! We get our own work from social and digital marketing in the form so Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pay per Click adwords marketing. We also analyse all our marketing with Google Analytics so who is in the better position to do this for your business?
We offer monthly social media management packages from as little as £100 a month (min 3 months).
We can provide paid Facebook Ads campaigns, Google Adwords campaign (We are Certified Google Partners), Sales and Lead generation ClickFunnels funnels.
If you’re not reaping the rewards, it may be difficult to see the benefits of and how much fun Social Media Marketing can be! We personally have following of over 7000 people and businesses on our social media channels and we interact with many of them regularly. Hence we end up picking up great contacts and even work directly from social media.
Chris Taylor Web Design Social Media Management takes the burden of short-lived shares and tips and integrates the entire process with the rest of your content, SEO and Search Engine Marketing.
We’ll custom tailor and outline a social media management strategy that will not only make you more followers, exposure for your business, but more traffic for your website, too.
Social media doesn’t always convert directly into sales, but it will convert into a public who knows you, recommends you and understands what you can offer.

We can also run pay per click adword campaigns for your business when you want to reach further afield with your marketing and especially if you are in a very competitive market. PPC can certainly help and when managed correctly can be very profitable. Inexperienced users end up spending a small fortune on this form of advertising with very little conversion. This is why it is very important to employ professionals to manage this for you and save you a lot of money!
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